More Games Lovers Play

by valjean

I enter the chamber bearing a tray laden with fragrant foods and a ceramic pot of tea.

"Sit, Catherine," I entreat her, and she takes a seat at the table. I set the tray down in front of her and position myself standing behind her. I drape a linen napkin across her lap, my hand nonchalantly brushing the tops of her thighs. "Close your eyes," I instruct her and Catherine hastens to obey.

She sits in anticipation, sensing me moving around her. I scoop up a spoonful of rice and lift it to her lips; she detects the warmth and aroma of the food; her mouth waters at the stimulus. "Open . . ." I command her with gentle urgency, and she does so, accepting the mouthful of food.

She chews and swallows and I feed her another mouthful, grilled zucchini this time. The next bite is baked fish, then a light flaky bread, followed by a drink of tea. I touch her lips with the napkin, cupping her chin in my hand, pressing the back of her head against my hip.

She consumes the meal in this way, submitting to my care. She trusts me implicitly.

When the main meal is finished, I position myself in front of her. "Keep your eyes closed, please," I request. She complies; she luxuriates in my ministrations. "Now, dessert . . ." I say and she seems to know I am smiling and kneeling down close to her.

The cool silver spoon touches her tongue and she tastes the strawberry and cream. Some cream escapes and trickles down her chin and my thumb brushes against her skin, catching it. She opens her lips and slightly extends her tongue to capture the errant drop and I insert my thumb gently into her mouth. Impulsively, she sucks against my thumb and I allow it to slide into her mouth. Then, I gently pull my thumb out of her mouth and she sucks it back in. I pull away completely and when she reaches tentatively for me with her tongue, she feels my mouth against her face.

She whispers, "Please kiss me . . ."

However, no kiss ensues. I stand up right away and collect the dinner dishes. "Good night, Catherine," I say. Her eyes fly open and I gaze through her. "Iíll come to you at a later time," I say. And then I am gone.


Now, itís my turn! I drape a fresh white cotton sheet to serve as a screen across the chamber attaching it to fixtures on either side; our big bed is on one side, my little dressing table on the other. I wait for his return.

Around midnight, he returns to find me with a fierce intention. When he re-enters the chamber, I light a single candle on my dressing table and tamp out the others by the bed. I direct him to remove his clothing and sit on the bed and observe me through the sheet. I say, "Now Iíll prepare for our time together. You sit there and wait for me."

"With pleasure," he purrs, as I go behind the screen.

I begin to undress.

"Ohhhh! I love being naked!" I cry, stretching my arms over my head and arching my back, as my clothing drops to the floor. The candlelight silhouettes my breasts, erect nipples and my fluff of pubic hair. I stretch my legs and feet, pointing my toes. "Ummmmm! I feel good!" I say. "I canít wait to be with Vincent tonight!"

"Iíll use the lotion Vincent gave me Ė the one made with a blend of sea kelp, oils of citrus, and vegetable extracts. Ummmm, itís soooo sweet and silky! Feels like my own body when Iím aroused . . !"

I spread the pleasant emollient over my body, lingering at my breasts. My hands cup myself and my fingers shape my nipples into points of delight. "Vincent!" I shout, "This is the way your tongue feels to me! Darling! I love your kiss!"

I smooth my skin down my belly and hips to my special V-shaped section, where I imagine my beloved feasting later tonight. I slowly massage my legs and feet, taking my time, then I gently blot my body with a soft towel.

"Vincent?" I call from behind the screen, "are you getting ready for me? Because I am getting ready for you!" I pull my hair up into a loose topknot and shrug on a gauzy peignoir.

"I am ready, my love," he answers me and his voice is the guttural intonation I love.

I draw the sheet aside to emerge into Vincentís view. My skin glistens golden in the lone candlelight and I see my loved one in full arousal.

I approach close enough for him to detect my fragrance and warmth, though just out of reach.

"Do you want me?" I ask.

"I desire you beyond reason," he answers, and I am wet-thighed with anticipation.

I advance close enough for him to touch me. He tugs the ribbon from my hair, allowing it to fall down around my face and shoulders.

He draws near to bathe my flesh with his tongue, long slow strokes to stimulate me. I shiver with the feel of it; his sharp canines touch alongside the tongue, take my throat gently in his jaws. My pulse leaps beneath his kiss.

He moves down to my breasts, curling his tongue under my nipples, one then the other, and drawing my tender tips into his mouth in a lovely suckling motion. Ahhhhhh! The pleasure!

"Drop lower, lover," I command him and he obeys me, drawing my labia out from my entry, nuzzling then kissing then suckling then vibrating my erectile tissue, lapping up my juices as I reach my apex and quiver in his mouth.


She is eager, her feminine charms fully displayed and I imagine her expectation. She anticipates the penetration; being filled and fulfilled.

Who is the master here? I will shatter if I do not join with her, yet our contest is delicate, established in love, drawing upon the exquisite edge of our devotion.

I hesitate, poised to be one with the woman I love. Who will press the initiative? My Catherine . . ? Or, myself . . ?


"You win, again!!" Catherine exclaimed with mock vexation, a sexy smile on her face.

"I believe it is a draw," Vincent countered, leaning back on the bed to provide her access to his ready manhood.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured, caressing his heated flesh. "I challenge you to a rematch . . ."

The End