Teasing the Beast


It was official. Catherine was absolutely trying to drive him insane! He watched her from a few feet away, trying to appear casual as he reclined with one hip against the solid table.

Vincent clenched his teeth and tightened his fists to restrain the instinct to reach out and take her. It didn’t matter that they were in a chamber filled with people, Father included. No, the last few weeks seemed to have skimmed away a part of his civilized veneer.

She was presenting the paperwork and extended graphs to the committee for the plans for distribution of a helper’s will. Catherine had stepped in over the last several months as legal adjunct for those Below. Her help was becoming more and more important in keeping matters between her two worlds legal and still remain under the radar.

It was a good thing that he’d already been briefed by her earlier. After only the first ten minutes of the meeting, Vincent’s brain seemed to have short-circuited.

About the same time that she had circled around him to gather papers, pens, and graph charts as a matter of fact, Vincent had lost all ability to focus on anything but Catherine. The other members were seated around the large center table, but not Catherine. She moved about freely from person to person, pointing out this or that to one person or another. Bending, smiling … bending.

His eyes were drawn again to the luscious curves of her … umm, posterior … as she leaned forward instead of going around the table to flip a chart over for Mary. Directly in front of him, of course … he had a perfect view. He was close enough that a couple of long strides would allow him to reach out and grasp those curvy hips and pull her back into the V of his legs. Vincent took a slow deep breath and shifted his body to a more concealing angle.

Catherine leaned just a bit further, buttocks lifting and one foot leaving the floor to maintain her balance on those ridiculous, sexy, high-heels she wore. The dark red material of the above-the-knee pencil skirt tightened lovingly around the soft globes of her butt. The back kick-pleat opened and inched a bit higher, allowing Vincent a glimpse of lace at the tops of her sheer thigh-high stockings.

At this, he barely muffled a growl and was glad no one else could see what he was lucky enough to be center stage for. Her hips moved in a slow wiggle before she once more straightened. Vincent pulled in a much needed breath of air with both relief and disappointment.

The relief was short-lived as she turned that innocent, beautiful smile his way and once again stepped toward him. Her fragrance never left him, but again it gently filled his nostrils with her own special scent. Vincent knew a flavor went with that scent and his body reacted accordingly.

He could hear the others discussing the plans presented, but had no clear idea what they were actually saying. Catherine’s quiet voice had all that remained of his precarious attention. She had moved close to his side and brushed along his hip and shoulder while she glanced through another folder.

"I think I’ve covered just about everything. I just wanted to make sure I haven’t missed anything important."

"Hmm." Vincent nodded, but was still trying to curb his possessive impulses. She faced the table while he half sat on it facing away. The position put them side-by-side and nearly cheek-to-cheek.

Quietly glancing over her shoulder to be sure they weren’t being observed; Catherine raised a hand to smooth back his beautiful mane of hair. Her mouth moved a bit closer to his ear and she let her hand casually slide down to rest on the muscled inner thigh closest to her. She heard him swallow, hard.

"Vincent." Her voice stroked him as did the light fingertips she rested against him. "You seem very distracted today…is there anything bothering you?"

Struggling once again to smother a rumbling groan, Vincent caught her fingers in his to stop her unwitting torture. He knew the desire he kept tightly leashed inside would show in his eyes, but he lifted them to hers anyway.

Playful mischievousness danced in her silver-green gaze. Not as unwitting as he had thought, Vincent realized! Catherine knew just exactly what she was doing to him. His own blue eyes blazed with a sudden, reckless light of retribution!

"Bothering me?" He murmured huskily. Holding her gaze steadily, he daringly moved her fingers upwards to cup his full, straining arousal. He heard her breath catch as, in a smooth continuous motion; he slid with supple feline grace to stand. Vincent released her hand and moved behind her, standing at an angle to block the others’ view and apparently studying the open file over her shoulder.

In truth, he rested his shielded left hand on her hip, squeezing it firmly a few times as he breathed words against her arched neck.

"Yes … something is ‘bothering’ me." His claws raked lightly over the cheek of her buttock and then he widened his fingers to cup it fully. "A minx flicking her tail and her saucy smile in my direction is somewhat ‘distracting’."

Catherine’s breath held as she moved unconsciously back into his hand, feeling the heat of his arousal against her hip as she did so. She felt the glide of his hand move from her derričre forward, up and around her hip then downward to the juncture of her thighs. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she felt Vincent’s warm breath on her neck as he adjusted his stance.

Vincent was pleased that he could turn the tables on his mate so quickly. He was careful to use his body to block their play from any glances from the others, moving in a little closer. He shot a subtle look at the others to see them in serious discussion, totally oblivious to the two of them. Vincent tilted his head to bring his hair forward in concealment as his lips and tongue stroked her neck in just … the … right … spot.

"Oh, God!" Catherine’s voice was a whisper, but not in deference to the others. Truth be told, she had totally forgotten their unwitting audience. Nibbling teeth, caressing lips, and raspy tongue had split attention with the hot hand gently rubbing and moving her against him in a slow seduction.

"Shhh." Vincent stoked her again then moved his hand away from that hot spot. Up and over her abdomen then he was cupping one firm breast. His thumb and forefinger swept over the tip and paused to play with the beaded nipple he found there. He lifted his head and straightened to his full height, so as to better watch his lady’s response.

Her breathing was coming faster now. Her free hand had found its way to his left forearm. Her fingers gripped the bulging, undulating muscle there in increasing need. Vincent’s eyes were drawn to the poor neglected nipple that peaked her blouse and he slid his hand across to pay her right breast similar attention.

His body reacted to her just as hers reacted to his...full attention, lightening fast and ready for more. With his acute hearing, he caught his name a moment before he knew they would be summoned. Reluctantly, he gave a last stroke with his hand and hip then he stepped back.

Vincent took a second to catch his breath and compose his features. Thank goodness for his long tunic because the rest of his body was slow to bring under control.

Quietly, he breathed a promise. "Later, my Catherine."

"Vincent!" Father’s voice called for his attention and he moved away, leaving Catherine with a brief moment to pull her own thoughts and body back from the edge.

"Yes, Vincent. Later." Her soft voice only reached his ears and she missed the small smile that touched his lips.

* * *

Silently, Vincent followed Catherine down the tunnel toward his chamber. Telling the others he would be available the next day to discuss the final decisions more thoroughly, this led them to believe he would be escorting Catherine topside and be late getting back. In truth, he had plans for Catherine here, Below.

He watched the glide of her hips in the tight skirt but did not cringe from his body’s reaction. He allowed his imagination full rein as he traced her soft, smooth curves in his mind, knowing it would be even better against his hands. Vincent recalled the sweet stagger of her breathing as he’d caressed her delicate rear and full, sweet breasts.

He was amazed at his own temerity. In a room full of people, no less! Now he was letting instinct lead, something he rarely allowed and it had him pounding with jubilation!

Catherine felt Vincent’s thrumming attention following her every movement, making her body hyper-aware. She wasn’t sure where this was going but tempting the Beast was well worth the touches she had received from him. Catherine could feel her blood moving heatedly through her body. Each breath, each beat of her heart was filled with awareness. Vincent … he wanted her. She had felt the evidence through the bond, felt it against her body, heard it in his wonderfully demanding tone of voice. Her own body was liquid fire, burning for more of his touch.

They hadn’t spoken during their trip through the tunnels. Catherine didn’t want to break the silence with inconsequential chatter. Vincent’s own inner battle, not to stop her and press her against the tunnel wall, held his attention. He just had to make it to the sanctuary of his chamber … then the pulsing demands of his body would be dealt with!

Finally, his chamber entrance was penetrated. Catherine kept moving until she was in the center and stopped at the sturdy table he used as his desk. She turned to see Vincent very deliberately loosen and draw the heavy tapestry over the chamber doorway, a clear deterrent to anyone wanting admittance. Hungrily, she watched him move to light three more candles from the main one. She was a little disconcerted; she would have thought dimmer candlelight more appropriate than the bright glow that filled the center of the room.

Still without speaking, Vincent moved two of the candles closer to the desk, setting one on a ledge and one on the small pedestal table nearby. He finally turned to look at her and she was once again left breathless by the brilliance of desire reflecting in his eyes.

Glorious triumph rolled through her. The last two months of steadily growing intimacy was a splendid success on both their parts. Vincent was unashamedly and openly stepping forward to claim his right to touch her … to love her!

She thought he would come to her then but, no … calmly he began to remove his vest then pulled his tunic over his head. Her eyes moved over the width of his broad shoulders, now only covered by soft thermal shirt … the top buttons were undone allowing red-gold tufts of fur to escape at the top. His neck was bare and she saw his strong, steady pulse throbbing there. Unconsciously, her lips parted and her tongue peeked out to moisten them. Catherine’s eyes moved down over his flat stomach, lean hips, and long firmly muscled legs. He bent and quickly removed his boots then straightened. She swallowed strongly, seeing the large bulge at the front of his pants which his tunic had successfully been hiding.

"Vincent." Her voice was heavy with need.

Clenching his hands tightly, he stood in stocking feet and allowed her visual caress before finally, continuing his activities. Quickly, he repositioned his big chair facing her but leaving a little distance between them. Without hesitation, he turned back to Catherine and caught her arm. He held her briefly against him, but didn’t kiss her … he inhaled her scent slowly, then abruptly turned her away from him to face the table. Very deliberately, he grasped her lower arms and urged her hands flat onto the desk’s surface. His body curled around her from behind, surrounding her with heat.

Elated, and definitely turned on by Vincent’s show of dominance, Catherine felt him release her arms. One strong hand flattened between her shoulder blades then applied light but firm pressure, urging her to bend further over the table. Her breath came faster and her heart thumped madly as his hand stroked down her spine and over the curve of her buttocks. It rested there all too briefly before it moved and was joined by the other one to pull her silk blouse from the skirt’s waistband. Loosened, the shirt dropped away from her stomach and she felt cool air draft upward over her chest.

Vincent couldn’t resist the urge to stroke his hand softly underneath the blouse, caressing the skin there briefly before he then moved to release the hidden zipper closure on the skirt. Stopping abruptly, he inhaled deeply and stepped back.

Catherine started to move, to glance back … wondering why he’d stopped, but his abruptly growled, "No!" effectively froze her movements. Quietly, submissively, she stayed as he’d left her … feeling vulnerable, a little uncertain, and quivering with sexual energy!

Vincent stepped back on shaky legs and collapsed gratefully into his chair. He was only a couple of feet away but his vision was filled with the sight of Catherine. He could feel her trembling, feel her heated desire, sensed her uncertainty but total trust in him.

Her position was slightly exaggerated from earlier, it made him hard now just as it did then. How beautiful was his Catherine … His Catherine.

"Spread your feet further apart." He broke his silence, his voice rough. He watched as she moved to obey--the skirt’s hem pulled tighter around her thighs impeding her movements. "Pull the hemline up, Catherine. I saw lace at the top of your stockings earlier--show me again."

Catherine took her hands from the table and grasped the sides of her skirt. Slowly, she inched the tight material up until she felt cool air on at least a couple of inches of bare skin above the stockings. She replaced her hands on the desk as she stepped her feet further apart. She could almost feel Vincent’s eyes touching the newly bared skin. Daringly, she stretched onto the balls of her feet in their high heels and gave a slow butt-wiggle. She heard him rumble deliciously, and felt a slow warm trickle slide from her to be caught by her tiny lacy underpants.

Vincent’s head tilted up at the spicy scent, but his eyes remained on Catherine. He felt himself grow larger and opened his legs wider.

"I can smell your cream, little Cat." His voice purred deeply in his throat. Vincent heard Catherine’s quiet moan, saw her weight shift from foot to foot in a restless dance.

"Reach underneath and slide the lace off." He watched as her fingers disappeared briefly, and then reappeared with lemon-colored lace being slowly drawn down. She gave another small wiggle and let them drop to the floor. After stepping free of them, her feet were once more planted firmly apart.

Vincent bent forward and picked up the frilly, damp underwear. He had known they would be lace. Leaned forward as he was, his face was in very close proximity to her arched derriere. Amazing … he asked and she gave. He could definitely get used to this kind of enchantment in his life!

He had restrained himself from touching her so far … afraid he would be lost if he did. Now, he had to have the feel of her. Still holding the scrap of fabric, he carefully raked his nails up from her silk-enclosed ankles, to the back of her knees, over the top of her stocking clad thigh to the bare skin above. His stroking hands glided under her skirt and pushed it up over her hips, revealing smooth firm buttocks and shadowed pink cleft. Her scent grew stronger and his mouth all but watered with wanting.

Vincent allowed himself a few strokes of her firm flesh, and then leaned back in his chair once again. He drew in a few steady breaths, aware of Catherine attempting to do the same.

"Turn around." He could barely speak, but she heard him and shakily straightened and turned to face him.

Catherine forced her hazy vision to focus. Vincent sat sprawled back in his chair, an adaptation of his thinker’s pose, legs a bit further apart, elbows braced on the chair’s arms and his hands linked by the lacy material of her panties in front of his lower face. His eyes felt hot upon her. She waited in trembling anticipation for his next instruction.

Instead of speaking, Vincent gracefully stood and gently clasped her waist in his hands and lifted her effortlessly onto the table. He pulled his chair a little closer and then sat back down.

"Undo your blouse and bra." Short, concise.

Shaky fingers moved to obey and she watched him watching her the entire time. Finally, her bra and blouse fell open, exposing her breasts to his fascinated eyes. Her nipples beaded and stood proudly erect, jutting out toward him. His nostrils flared and Catherine gloried in his unhindered desire. Her hands ached to reach out and touch him, draw him to her--but she reveled in his take charge attitude and was determined to give him whatever he wanted … or needed.

Slowly, Vincent sat forward and grasped her ankles and pulled them up to rest on each chair-arm, enclosing him in her essence. He sat squarely facing her heated core, long silken legs with knees slightly bent and open. She sat trembling before him, her weight resting on her hands braced behind her on the smooth surface of his desk, bare breasts thrusting proudly upward and her legs supported by the tenuous grip her toes, still in her shoes, had on the chair arm.

Meeting her impassioned eyes, Vincent held her gaze as he grasped one foot and slid off the shoe, dropping it to the ground, and then repeating it to the other. He then hooked his powerful forearms beneath and around her knees and slid her toward him until her hips were at the very edge of the table. She gasped at the suddenness of the move, but then tilted her chin and shook back the hair that had fallen forward. With a gentle shrug the blouse and bra fell off her shoulders to puddle on the table behind her.

Vincent was thrilled to feel the rush of adrenalin that flooded through Catherine … she wasn’t intimidated or afraid of his passion in the least! On the contrary, she was highly aroused and totally linked in to his own arousal.

Emboldened, he leaned back in his chair and with deliberation took in the sight of his beautiful mate. Her eyes were shining with love and lust, breath moving quickly in and out, beautiful breasts offered to him, sweet curves, secrets, and sexy legs.

"Mine." He growled quietly. He saw light explode in her eyes before she nodded once, strongly. "Open and show me, Catherine." He demanded.

With languid slowness, seductively … her legs parted revealing quivering inner thighs then sparse, soft brown curls. She shifted slightly and lifted her right hand from the desk. She watched him track her hand’s movements as she stoked up and over her breasts, brushing her nipples briefly and causing a rush of sensation through her body that they shared via the bond. Her fingers trailed lightly down her stomach and drifted into the glistening nest of curls at her body’s juncture.

She lingered here for a moment to tease, and then shifted her knees a bit wider. His eyes never wavered as she slowly parted the outer lips to reveal the moist, pink inner folds of her most secret place. Fascinated, Vincent saw her trace the softness he hungered for, saw her thumb flick the hardening bundle of nerves at the apex and then watched the muscles inside tighten in response to her touch and his avid attention.

"You are so beautiful, Catherine." Vincent whispered reverently. He saw a small trickle of cream ease from her and finally could wait no longer. Without asking, without pause, he pushed his hands under her thighs, grasped her hips and pushed his broad shoulders forward to widen her knees even further. He held her pelvis tipped up with his right hand while his left one wrapped under then draped over her inner groin, careful to use his fingertips only … he parted her outer labia and held her open for his mouth. He glanced up at her quickly, revealing his hungry eyes and victorious intent to her before he lowered his head.

Catherine gasped then let out a long, low groan as Vincent’s mouth descended upon her. His tongue invaded, deliciously lapping her up. His teeth gently, carefully nibbled. His unique lips cupped, caressed, and suckled. She slid a hand into his hair and held on as he took her from one plateau of pleasure to the next. Her hips gyrated convulsively against him, his strong hands determinedly kept her in place.

Vincent couldn’t suppress the animalistic growl that escaped as the first taste of her hit his tongue. He felt Catherine trembling in an uncontrollable response to the vibration of his growl on her most sensitive parts. Never could he have imagined what the soft slick feel of her against his mouth, chin, and nose would do to him. His body hardened to the point of painful ecstasy and a soul-deep, rumbling purr erupted from his chest.

He sipped, he savored, and he delved deeper. He explored then conquered every part that was Catherine. Each time he was rewarded by the release of her body’s sweet nectar, he wanted more. Finally, her cries became desperate and then he felt the most wonderful sensation of white light exploding all around them. The sparkling fragments seemed to float gracefully down to settle over her in satiated completeness. Vincent’s own breath hitched as he listened to her soft cries of release.

With strength and purpose, Vincent moved until he could wrap his arms around Catherine’s waist and burrowed his heated face into the soft skin of her lower abdomen. He shook with emotion and felt her arms enfold him and her body curve over him. He heard her murmuring into the wild mane of his hair, over and over. "I love you, Vincent. Thank you. Oh,Vincent!"

After a few seconds, Vincent lifted his head and brought his mouth to the sweetness of hers. He carefully pushed back her tousled hair as he shared her taste with the kiss. He was gratified by her swift and enthusiastic response. Her mouth opened and her tongue found his. Passion was quickly reignited and she moved in to nestle her core against his chest then slid down off the table and astride his lap. Her moist cleft rested on the huge bulge still filling the front of his soft corded pants. She broke the kiss and nuzzled into his neck, placing moist sucking kisses into his vulnerable flesh.

"Catherine, I’ve never…" He tried to find the words "… Never have I been so gifted as when you entered my life. To thank me for pleasuring you---well…" He gave up with a small smile and nuzzled her hair as she raised gooseflesh on his body with her skillful lips. "… You’re welcome."

A small giggle escaped her and her hands got busy while her lips kept him distracted. Within seconds, she had his shirt completely removed and was stroking the thick muscles of his chest and playing with his pebbled nipples. Her hands glided over bulging biceps; she moved her mouth to his and captured his tortured groan as her hands slid down to his erection. Taking the initiative now, she slid off his lap, shimmied out of her bunched skirt and then went onto her knees. Now kneeling between his legs, she broke the kiss only when she had to. Catherine smiled up into his widening blue eyes. They spoke of love and passion, and they revealed his uncertainty to her.

"Mine." She said softly … lovingly. Her fingers worked to release the leather tie and wide front flap of his pants. The tunnel fashions made getting to the heart of matters very convenient. He sprung free and into her eager hands. Excitement pulsed between them, each feeding off the others. Catherine had had the pleasure of holding him in her hands before, watching the beauty of his passionate release. This time she would satisfy another of their combined desire, if he wasn’t ready to ask for this … she was ready to demand it.

Her eyes hungrily watched him pulsate in her gentle grasp; she moved to hold him more firmly and stroked the soft flesh over hard muscle. He was already so aroused that she marveled at all that he was! Catherine unconsciously licked her lips, feeling ravenous and a tiny bit unsure that he would even fit into her mouth. A large drop pearled at the head and with a small sound of happiness, she bent forward and caught it with her tongue. His flavor burst upon her taste buds just as her ears caught his wild moan and she felt the instinctive thrust of his hips.

Carefully, she took the wide head of him into her mouth and onto flattened tongue. Luminous green eyes looked up through long lashes at her beloved. He was watching her, chest heaving, and eyes wild with emotion. Her hand squeezed and she gave a long, firm suck.

Vincent felt his eyes slam shut at the sensation of Catherine’s mouth. His pelvis lifted to follow the marvel of her mouth, rocking into her without direction from his brain. Never…even in his wildest imagination … Unrecognized sounds erupted from him as her mouth slid down to take in more of him. He sensed her pleasure at his taste and allowed himself to just feel what she was doing to him.

‘Oh, yes!’ Catherine made an incoherent sound of her own as she stretched her lips wider and took in as much as she could of him. There was still a lot left over and she used one hand to wrap as far around the base of him as she could as the other took the impressive weight of his testicles. Inexperience made her first rolling caresses slow and tentative but the joy of touching him and feeling his response urged her on.

"Catherine." His words were barely coherent as he once again opened his eyes and looked down at her position at his feet. It was supposedly a position of submission, but he knew it was not. She looked very much in control and was taking great pleasure in her ministrations. Her eyes sparkled, her lips were wet and reddened and she was totally engaged in the pleasure she was giving him. Strangely enough, he could feel her trembling and realized she was experiencing his edge of insanity. "I want …"

With a long, slow, glide, Catherine pulled up off of him with her mouth but kept her hands in motion. Smoothly, she leaned her chest forward and nestled his penis into the valley between her breasts, still massaging with the pad of her thumb and cupping the treasure of his pendulous sack.

She gathered the moistness around her mouth with the tip of her tongue before she spoke. "What do you want, Vincent?" She saw him struggle to contain his movements and articulate clearly. He leaned a bit forward and gently cupped her head, stoking her hair. "Tell me … say the words and let me know."

Vincent paused, his mouth near her ear and his heart and body in her hands. Her hands felt so good on him. Her body perfect against his. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going to say the words pushing at his brain. No fear, no doubt, he reiterated in his mind.

"I want to pump until I release, and I want you to accept my seed into your beautiful, sexy mouth." The words were said; he closed his eyes and waited, vulnerable and trusting.

Catherine could have wept with relief. He trusted her enough to open himself up to possible rejection … it was never going to happen, but he was still struggling to accept that. She released him briefly and reached up to hold his face in her hands. Moving him back just enough to press a kiss into his mouth, she shared the furious fire of passion with him for several long, hungry moments. She broke away and met his hazy eyes intently.

"Oh yes, my love. You want exactly what I want." Her words and following actions were his reward for trusting in her. Catherine slid her arms down and around his hips, urging them forward in the chair. Her hands moved down into the back waistband of his pants, cupping the smooth muscles of his buttocks as she pushed the material down until he lifted his hips and they fell away. With a minimal of motions she had him free of them and was back to her original position between his knees. She widened her own knees and used his pants to pad them. A cool draught of air caressed the heat of her center, causing her to shiver in reaction. Seeing the immediate concern in Vincent’s eyes, she smiled and shook her head.

She was surrounded by his heat, stunned by the realization that they were both fully nude and so far … it was all good. She dropped her eyes down his body, overwhelmed by a wave of uncontrollable craving for this passionate image. He was male beauty personified, his dusting of fur underscored rather than distracted from this. Wide through the chest, lean of waist and hips with impressively sculpted muscles from shoulders to calves. The coveted sight of this man she so very much loved was more than she had dreamed. She let her glance glide down ripped abdominal muscles to his groin. Dense fur on his upper chest quickly thinned on its way past rippling abdomen then disappeared in an elegant outline of his hips and groin. Being fully aroused as he was, his sexy tight innie navel was hidden at the moment.

Under her perusal, his hardened body swayed and pulsated … wept for her return. Not touching him in any other way, she bent her head and kissed away the drop of his passion. He groaned and his hands dug into the heavy wooden arms of his chair. She looked up to see him watching her with savagely glowing blue eyes.

Catherine placed her hands atop his, gently pried his claws loose, and then moved his hands to either side of her head. His fingers gentled immediately and tangled into her soft hair.

"Hold on to me, Vincent." She whispered huskily. "And I’ll hold on to you." Her hands returned to his bare buttocks, gripped the hard muscles there and urged him to her waiting mouth. His eyes watched, transfixed as he pumped forward and her moistened lips took him in.

Moments later, his mind fractured and only Catherine’s touch assured him that he remained whole. She accepted his growling release with her own shattering response as their bond linked them in full passion.

* * *

A long time later, Vincent roused himself from his contented place and carefully carried a naked, sleeping Catherine to his bed. He had gathered her trembling body into his lap after they both had collapsed in mind-blowing euphoria. After a few mumbled endearments, Catherine’s eyes had drifted shut and Vincent’s mind had drifted on a cloud of amazed enchantment.

He had brought Catherine pleasure without plan or fear … he had victoriously taken what was his. Well, not completely taken her. They planned on waiting for their wedding night for that long awaited pleasure. He was beginning to think that they were going to have to marry even sooner than anticipated, if the rate of their physical progression kept on at this pace.

‘Yes. Soon.’ His heart decided.

Vincent gently juggled her in his arms to pull back the covers before he placed Catherine carefully toward the back of his bed. With a sigh and a little smile, she cuddled into his pillow.

Suddenly aware of his own nudity, Vincent paused in extinguishing the candles. Amazing! He was moving around his chamber without a stitch on and a sleeping beauty in his bed … and it felt perfectly natural! The world was suddenly upside down for him. He shook off his bewilderment and blew out all but one low candle.

He briefly considered putting on his nightshirt, but realized he didn’t really want to. He wanted to feel Catherine’s bare skin against his. Carefully, he climbed in beside his mate and smiled as she turned into his warmth without waking. He was suddenly transported in his memories to that first night Catherine had stayed with him and slept in his bed. My, how wonderful life could be sometimes …