At Last … Forever!


Part Two* - Part 1 of "At Last!" is posted on Tunnel Tales.


He touched the softness of her breasts with careful, reverent hands. Never had he encountered such exquisite beauty before Catherine. She stood in front of him as he sat on the side of their marriage bed, her ivory nightgown already pooled at her waist by his eager hands.

He saw with awestruck eyes her nipple clench in sweet surprise at the light brush of his fingertips. Delighted at her response, he stroked again, then once more. He observed the rise and fall of her breath quickening, felt the delicious shiver that shook her. He absorbed the waves of heated desire that careened from her body to his. He was close to being overcome by the sheer joy, happiness, and pleasure she felt at his hands!

Cupping her breasts lightly in his palms, Vincent slowly raised his shining eyes to her face. The slumbering passion and love that met his gaze burned its way through all his meager shields. His own breathing shuddered as suddenly his own heart felt too big for the small space in his wide chest. He saw her head tilt toward him and watched the full, rich-as-sin mouth move as her sultry voice reached him.

"I give myself to you, my husband…" – she echoed the words she had spoken earlier in her wedding vows to him, then - "…everything I am, each breath, each beat of my heart--belongs to you now. With all my trust and without doubt, I love you." The hands that had been stroking his hair now buried deep and held him steady as she bent her head to lay a full open-mouth kiss on his.

Her intoxicating flavor rolled into him and he devoured it with a lovely full-thoracic growl. Vincent gave himself up to the wonder of her mouth, responded lovingly and eagerly to each stroke of her tongue, every slant of her lips. His world, his body was changing because of her … miraculous, joyous changes!

Her lips moved a breath away and he caught her whisper. "What do you want, Vincent?"

He pulled her closer; her soft ivory gown slid completely away. His voice was ragged, sensual and intense.

"I want to love you, always. Stay, Catherine. Fill up every nook and cranny, every dark crevice of my soul. I want your light, your love, for every second of my life." Vincent pulled her head back to allow him free access to her throat. He skimmed it with his soft whiskers and velvet lips, and then with the very tips of his fangs. He felt the rush of heat that washed over her as he bit down gently and felt her quiver. Small sucking nips and kisses brought him back up to just below her ear.

"I want the right to touch you…" He breathed the words into her ear "…as often and as freely as I want. Anytime that I want…and it will be often, Catherine."

Catherine gasped and held on tighter, reveling in his kisses, his scent, the words he breathed onto her skin and into her soul. A small moan slipped out as she moved sensuously against him. She loved the hard heat of his body.

His voice continued to stroke her. "I want your touch on my skin, stroking me, loving me, filling me with heat…" His body burned, rock-hard and ready. Her hands moved, brushed down his hair and across the breadth of his muscled shoulders. He felt them slide down his arms and back up to his chest where her fingers met at the tied collar of his shirt. A few heartbeats later, his shirt was being pushed aside and Catherine’s fingers were buried in the fur and muscles of his chest. Clever fingertips found his nipples and paused to tease. She stroked down where fur thinned to smooth skin, raking her fingertips over corded muscle to stop at his straining waistband.

Gracefully, she moved her body up straighter and climbed onto her knees, the bed absorbing her moves as she straddled his lap. His hands slid around her ribcage and down, stopped on the rise of her hips, holding her so that her nipples were presented perfectly to his mouth. Hungry lips eagerly sought and found her beaded nipple, tugged and laved at it and then its twin until she moved rhythmically.

Catherine gloried in sensory overload! Vincent’s words, his mouth, his strong hands gripping her buttocks and his hard masculine body against her…pure, exotic sin. She tried to catch her breath…but then his hands squeezed and released, then pulled her bare pubis in against his ripped abdominal muscles. Slowly, he moved her up then down, scraping her clit against the ridges of smooth muscle. "Oh, Lord!" She groaned and arched.

Vincent felt a rush of triumph. In one swift, bold move he had her on her back in the middle of the bed and was pressing her into the soft covers. His hands remained beneath her, but now bore the weight of his upper body as he held himself on hands and knees above her in an unconsciously conquering pose. Sparkling eyes looked down at his very willing captive.

Catherine’s legs fell open and she hooked her ankles around the backs of his knees. Vincent felt eager hands undoing his trousers, then pushing them off his hips; he helped by lifting first one knee, then the other, and kicking the unwanted barrier away.

The subdued candlelight revealed her smile as she wrapped her hands around his suddenly liberated penis and welcomed him with a stroke and a squeeze. Her feet slid up to caress the bulging muscles of his thighs, then back down to hard calves. Her knees stroked and squeezed his flanks. She loved the feel of his strength, the heat and scent of his skin. Two lifetimes of waiting for each other were at last over and a promise of fulfilled destinies was in front of them.

Vincent groaned and arched into her hands, trying to control the stream of raging sensations coursing through him. His own culminating passion threatened to tumble him into that wildly primitive place that he still slightly distrusted. Catherine’s ardor and uninhibited responses to him only added to the building tension that pushed his body to that sweet, dangerous edge. So far, he’d gone over that edge several times with Catherine, but never like this, never joined in completeness as they would be this night.

The last few months had been incredible; his sensual awareness had been laid wide open with Catherine. The intimate moments the two had shared had reassured him and revealed that Catherine’s body would welcome his, but he would have to go with extreme care these first times entering her. He couldn’t do that if he was out of control.

Taking a deep breath, Vincent reined himself in. Deliberately, he rocked back on his knees, pulling out of her hands. The small sound of disappointment from Catherine was cut short when he leaned forward and started a slow, devastating assault with hands and mouth.

Catherine was blindsided by the wave of ecstasy that washed up from the points of Vincent’s touch. He had learned well what addled her brain and made her body vibrate … which resulted from pretty much anything he did to her…with her. Within moments, he had her pleading without words, her body rocking and in pleasure.

"Vincent!" She all but sobbed his name, the words finally bursting from her. "Please, fill me."

Carefully, with hard-won patience and a growl of release…sweetly, he did so.

Catherine arched to receive him, her body’s tight entrance stretching in submissive, welcoming surrender. The intensity of her emotions heightened every sense until she felt the universe pulsating around them. Vincent’s essence fused itself to hers as she melded around him, embracing and accepting all of him. Her arms clung to him and felt their hearts synchronize into one pulse of life.

Vincent’s extraordinary muscles tightened and shook them both as he trembled in love’s thrall. His arms closed around her drawing her up against him until no breath could pass between them. He buried his face into the curve of her neck, shaking as he felt himself fully seated within his Catherine … wrapped inside her and fully enveloped.

Barely able to remember to breathe, wanting to savor this unimaginable gift of the gods, he felt her muscles clench and relax around him. Intimate internal hugs, unexpected and engaging. His head lifted in pleased surprise ad he saw her lips tilt in a dreamy smile. She did it again, and his body responded by a loving pelvic stroke. Pleasure again rippled and beckoned, but he couldn’t bring himself to retreat out of her even a little bit. Not this time, maybe he would venture into the teasing push-pull later.

Holding her firmly against him, Vincent flexed inside her then circled tightly, tilting her clitoris up against the ridged muscle at the root of his body. It felt so perfectly delicious; he repeated it … again and again. Her body jerked in response then she released a sigh of happiness as her head drifted down until her mouth could sip at his neck and shoulder.

She felt his arm slid down her back and his strong fingers mold themselves into the intimate crevices of her buttocks. His fingers carefully nudged until he held her completely open to him back to front, her moisture spreading to allow the lovely friction of his caressing fingers along her perineum and backside. She quaked as he stroked her, completely in his control and more completely loved than she ever thought possible.

His strength supported her, his breath reminded her own lungs to move, his fierce heart carried them as he finally gave in to the inevitable demands of their passion. He thrust, she flexed as pleasure consumed all thought save one.

"Vincent!" His name escaped weakly before her teeth clamped down on the tight muscle of his shoulder.

The small nip of pain caused the pleasure to peak convulsively and Vincent roared out his orgasm. The strong jets of his release caused his body to pulsate in wave after wave as he spurted against her womb. She trembled as her world shattered in blissful perfection with his.

"I love you, my Catherine." Rough with spent passion, his voice whispered near her ear, causing her soft smile to widen.

"I love you, my husband." Her voice wavered and her eyes closed. They slept enclosed in the safe haven of each other.