Keeping the Dream Alive
by Amber O.
Normally, after a night like last night, Catherine would spend most of her day at work in the memories of making love to Vincent. Each time was so amazing. He seemed to take her to places she didn’t know existed. If she thought she was thankful for the bond in times when it saved her life, she was praising God for giving it to them now! While Vincent was incredibly sensual and delicious, he was so exquisitely loving and tender that it brought tears to her eyes. Never had she felt so loved. It was as if he was worshipping her, and she found herself doing the same. Knowing she was the only woman to love him in this way was bittersweet. She loved knowing that, and she wished she could give Vincent that same feeling. The soft, deep noises that escaped his throat in response to her made something ignite inside of her. Every time he would reach his completion deep inside of her, a soft roar with her name tore through his chest. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever heard in her life and she adored it. It had become one of her favorite sounds. Catherine knew exactly where he liked to be touched. She knew that he loved when her nails would dig into his back. At first, she ironically worried that she had hurt him but that was the action that seemed to spark something in him. A part of him loved knowing he could drive her to such wild abandon.
Today, however, she had no time to reminisce. The office was nothing but chaos and she was craving the serenity of that world Below. When she got to his chamber, he was at his desk writing in his journal. As she reached the entrance, he spoke up. “How was your day?”
Walking over, she put her arm around him and leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek. “Long, exhausting, frustrating.”
“Are you still feeling up to the children’s recital?”
“Of course I am! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I just need a little time to get myself back together.” She stepped in front of him and brushed his hair back a little. “How has your day been?”
“Productive.” he said with a smile.
Catherine laughed knowing that her daily musings usually distracted him. “I missed you.”
Vincent turned her around and pulled her to his lap. “Would you like me to help you relax?” he asked softly as he pressed a few kisses to her neck.
She sank back against him with a sigh. “Mmm, you already are.”
As she closed her eyes, willing her body to melt back into him, she suddenly felt his hands at the buttons of her shirt. Carefully, they fell open one by one. Catherine drew in a deep breath, pleasantly surprised.
“Vincent…” she said softly, trying to keep her breathing slow and even.
Catherine had no idea what she was trying to say. The only thing that was in her heart and mind was him now. “Oh, Vincent…”
His hand slipped inside her shirt to caress and tease one of her breasts. Her head leaned back into his shoulder as her chest arched to him. A soft moan came from her throat as he opened her shirt completely exposing her, his other hand slipping inside of her bra to hold her other breast. Even knowing it would just keep getting better, she couldn’t help thinking she had died and gone to heaven. The feel of his hands on her was intoxicating.
His mouth continued pressing warm, moist kisses to her neck as he moved her legs to hang over either side of his. As he sucked and nipped gently at the tender skin of her throat, his legs parted a little to open her even more. Catherine lifted herself up as he pulled her skirt up and discarded her underwear. When his fingers slipped inside her tender folds, her hand came back to tangle in his hair.
Vincent’s arousal grew with hers as she shifted frantically on his lap. Her breathing grew heavier as he continued to caress her and he knew she was close to the edge. Catherine’s head tossed back and forth as she gripped the arms of the chair. Vincent closed his eyes and rode the wave of her orgasm through their bond and she cried out his name. All at once, her body went limp and heavy against him. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath before she was able to move and give him a loving kiss. She turned around to face him, still straddling his lap.
With her forehead resting to his, she whispered, “Do you know how much I love you?”
He nodded. “I love you.”
“Let me take care of you.” she said as her hand slipped below his belt.
In that moment, he lost his voice. Her delicate hands slipped his belt off and tossed it to the floor before returning to that spot to open his pants. Vincent gasped and moaned when he felt her hands wrap around him. Seeking his mouth in a passionate kiss, her lips pressed close. Vincent pushed her shirt off her shoulders and frantically unhooked her bra. Catherine slipped it off and tossed it aside to join his belt as he sucked hungrily on one of her breasts. For a moment she lost her motives as she cradled his head to her.
When she began grinding her hips against him, it was too much. He picked her up and sat her on the table that was directly behind her. In one swift movement, she jerked his pants down and pulled him to her. A gentle cry escaped her when she felt that loving pressure at her core, her fingers pressing deep into his backside, holding him close. Thrusting deep inside of her, he drove himself closer and closer to completion. Catherine ran her nails along his back with one hand as the other was tangled in his hair once more. Her legs wrapped tight around his waist. The tantalizing growl in him was building and it was getting harder for her to breath.
That soft roar filled her senses as she clung tightly to him. Pouring his life force within her, he pressed close almost taking her breath away. At last, his muscles relaxed and he gathered her close to him as he sank back in the chair. Catherine’s face was buried in his neck as she tried to regain her composure. Vincent’s hand lightly traced over her skin.
“Oh, Vincent….do you have any idea how amazing you are?”
He blushed and shook his head. “You are.”
“This must be heaven. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of loving you.”
He laughed a little. “Even though you’re exhausted now?”
“Oh, but it’s a wonderful kind of exhaustion.”
“Are you relaxed?”
She laughed and groaned, completely sated. “Mmmhm…extremely.” She looked up at him adoringly and brushed his hair behind one ear.
“Do you think you could spare some space in your bed for me tonight? The thought of waking up next to you is always too beautiful an idea to resist.”
He smiled and pressed a kiss to her lips. “That space is always yours to occupy whenever you wish.”
She smiled and kissed him once more. “Take me there now?”
Vincent scooped her up and laid her down where they would hold each other close, sharing love kisses mixed with conversation until it was time to join the rest of the community. It was another day of keeping their dream alive. Both of them were certain it would never die.